Site Preparation

Land Clearing

Our crews can clear lots for building by felling trees, removing stumps, and pulling out brush. We also haul away debris and grade the surface so your site is ready for your contractor to begin construction.

Road Building

Earth Resources specializes in building roads for residential properties. We begin by removing the topsoil layer, preserving it for the homeowner’s use. We place a permeable fabric under-layment on the roadbed then cover the underlayment with a base of pit gravel and a top layer of stone. Owners can give their roads a look that matches the structures on the property by choosing stone from a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Septic Systems

Earth Resources has the expertise to install top-quality conventional systems and engineered systems. We are licensed to install systems from various trademarked firms. Our team will put in septic tanks and prepare either underground leaching fields or above-ground pods where water pumped or gravity-fed from the tank is further purified and allowed to return to the ecosystem. We also repair systems to correct problems for you and the environment.


Earth Resources has the capability of turning any unimproved land into build-ready sites. We can provide both rough and finished grading to assure that land slopes gently away from structures. We can fill low areas and spread a layer of top soil that promotes healthy growth of lawns and shrubs. We also specialize in erosion control, creating sediment ponds or infiltration trenches that channel water runoff naturally away from homes, outbuildings and nearby ponds, streams and rivers.


In an area where drainage is critical and local regulation requires special measures to protect area waterways from excessive runoff, Earth Resources can install drainage systems that protect structures on your property and minimize environmental damage. We can lay underground piping and dig infiltration trenches that direct runoff away from high-value areas on your property and from nearby waterways. We also repair existing drainage systems.