Shoreline Protection


This beautiful waterfront lot (right) is being threatened by the very same landscape feature that makes it attractive. Its shoreline is unprotected, making it susceptible to erosion caused by tidal flows along the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Additionally, storms passing through the area may increase damage by raising water levels and creating wave action that can pound away at the exposed areas along the waterfront. Not only is this lot’s shoreline being eroded–so is the value of the property.


The experienced team at Earth Resources has created a “riprap” barrier (right) that prevents erosion while being sensitive to the environment. The area along the waterfront was cleared of all natural growth and debris. A gently graded slope was created reaching below the water line, then lined with a filter fabric. Large rocks were hand-placed to create a strong yet attractive protective defense line that allows waves to break naturally over the rocky surface without causing erosion damage.

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Before Riprap Construction
After Riprap Construction