Earth Resources Protects The Waterfront Property of Virginia From The Forces Of Mother Nature

Whether you need to prepare your property for building or protect your land from shoreline erosion, Earth Resources is here to help. Located in Lancaster, Virginia, we operate along the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay from Colonial Beach to Virginia Beach. We install riprap, grade and build roads, install drainage and septic systems, and clear land. Family-owned and in business for nearly three decades, Earth Resources has built a reputation for high-quality service at a competitive price.

Protection & Preparation

Rip Rap

We protect your shoreline and prevent erosion with a professionally installed riprap barrier of quarried granite stone. read more

Road Building

We construct attractive, environmentally friendly roadways from natural materials that stand up to heavy traffic. read more


We use existing soil and imported materials to contour your land to meet your needs. read more

Land Clearing

We can get your property ready for building by clearing away brush and trees and hauling away debris. read more

Septic Systems

We install new septic systems or repair existing ones that meet your home’s specific needs. read more


We correct drainage problems and install systems that meet high environmental standards while controlling erosion. read more